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This blog is an attempt to describe the ongoing process of studying at a doctoral level, related to psychotherapy.

Dette er en blogg som beskriver veien inn og igjennom et doktorgrads studium, i dette tilfelle i psykoterapi.

Preparing for an upgraded version

Doctorate in PsychotherapyPosted by Saphira Bjørnå Wahl Sun, October 24, 2010 10:15

Hi - and thanks for dropping by! Here's an update. Have a nice stay.

A couple of weeks have passed since my previous blog. I have dived into information of different kind about the doctorate, registered in various sites and slowly come out of the feeling of overwhelm. My head i surfacing and is again above water.

What I am gradually realizing is that entering into this doctorate is not just about reading, writing and conducting research - it's so much more. It is about upgrading myself to a certain mentality that goes with being a senior practitioner and studying towards what is termed 'Professional Exellency' in my field. It is a mindset that includes honouring oneself for having arrived at this level of competency and at the same time stepping into more of ones personal authority. It is about leadership. It is about seeing oneself as part of a wider community of researchers and candidates and using the environment to exchange ideas and information around our different projects. Being part of this kind of enviroment includes seeing oneself as a capacity. So, here I am preparing to manifest an upgraded version of myself.

Parallelly the last week has been very inspiring as I have the opportunity to observe how treatment is conducted at a drug/alcohol rehabilitation institution. This institution operates from a version of the Minnesota model and AA's 12-step program. My placement there is stretching over a period of 5 weeks with 4 weeks to go, and has already inspired new ideas and reflections.

At a time of the year when the hours of daylight are growing shorter and darkness is more present, the opposite movement is taking place inside of me. The sense of being at the right place at the right time nurtures my inner flame and inspirational light.

Thanks for staying with me. Till next time..

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